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Are you ready to propel your institution to new heights of success and global recognition? As a leader in your organization, establishing a partnership with MethodsNET opens the door to a myriad of benefits and opportunities.

Become a partner

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Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), your institution can become an esteemed Partner Institution, paving the way for mutual growth and collaboration.

  • Benefits

    • International
    • Feature in
      flagship events
    • Targeted
    • Discounts and waivers
      for members
    • Full institutional partnership
      of MethodsNET Academy
    • Seat in the MethodsNET's Institutional Partners' Advisory Board
  • Benefits

    • Host flagship events, such as the MethodsNET Summer School or Launch Events.
    • Enhanced global exposure
    • Joint branding
    • Targeted promotion
    • Exclusive benefits for institution's members
    • Seat in Institutional  Partners' Advisory Board.
    • Engage your in-house experts in event activities
  • Benefits

    • Organize your own events
    • Receive MethodsNET promotion through our network
    • Gain visibility on MethodsNET's platforms.
    • Receive expert advice
    • Receive evaluation support
    • Tailored discussions and a MoU agreement, with a lump sum arrangement for provided services
    • Institution must follow the charter and values emphasizing pedagogical excellence, accessibility and affordability
    • Institution must  provide documaentation showcasing ačignment with values, excellence and non-for-profit status

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