Methodsnet Africa

Sub-saharan Africa faces a double challenge: there is altogether a rather limited offer of local PhD-level methodological training in Africa, as well as a rather limited pool of African scholars with state-of-the art experience in delivering such training. Consequently, many PhD students have to muddle through for the methods-related part of their research, and research outputs by early-career researchers frequently fail to meet methodological standards and cannot reach international publication outlets.

The overarching goal of the Africa Methods Excellence Initiative is to structurally contribute to (1) the scaling up of the methodological competences of African PhD researchers so that they produce and publish sharper research, and (2) to the reinforcement of the capacities of PhD-level methods teachers across Africa. The Initiative has broad disciplinary scope: across human sciences [link to 7.1] broadly defined, i.e. disciplines that study the social, behavioral, biological, cultural and philosophical aspects of human life. The Initiative aims at a double impact: (1) enabling early-career researchers to gain access to international publication outlets; (2) enabling them to produce more robust research results with stronger societal impact (transfer of key results).

The Africa Methods Excellence Initiative is designed to bring further support to current local, national and regional institutional efforts across Africa, in particular via Graduate Schools and  Centres/Clusters of Excellence.