• Workshop or Panel Proposal Submission

    Please use these forms to submit your proposals for sessions at the MethodsNET Launch Events. For the MethodsNET Conference, you can submit proposals for two types of 90-minute panels/sessions: panel sessions or participatory sessions. Panel sessions follow a traditional format but must include time for audience interaction. Proposals should include three to four papers, each of which must also be submitted through the MethodsNET EDAS conference system. Participatory sessions can include round table discussions, debates, ‘fishbowl’ or ‘sandpit’ discussions, simulations, games, pyramid sessions, group modeling, or any format that encourages audience participation. For the Methods Development and Innovation Workshops, you can submit a proposal for a Workshop focusing on methods development or innovations in research methods or methodology.

    The deadline for panel and workshop submissions is June 20, 2024.

  • Submission

    Panel Presentation Session

    Authors who are expected to present papers within the proposed panel are invited to submit their paper proposals (abstracts) by June 20, 2024 through the EDAS conference management system. The usage of the EDAS system will allow us to form panels, and in the case of panel proposals, to assign papers to the proposed panels. Submission of paper abstracts is outlined here.


    Participatory Session Proposal


    Workshop Session Proposal

    Chair/moderator as well as a maximum of four/five named additional contributors, who will play active roles in the session. We recommend at least two co-convenors. For each co-convenor, provide the name, organization, country, and email address.