Charter: Our Values

MethodsNET is not an end in itself. It is driven by a mission, and this mission is built upon core values, listed in our Charter below.

We are asking each member (individual expert member or individual member) and each institutional partner to sign this Charter.

MethodsNET’s Charter: our guiding principles and values

1. Methodological pluralism and inclusiveness: each one of the diverse methods, along with its epistemology, has its own added value and contribution for scholarly and applied work

2. Informed methodological debates: we foster debates and cross-fertilization between methodologies

3. Methodological innovation: we encourage the development of emerging methods and innovation within established methods, as well as the adoption of rigorous standards

4. Disciplinary consolidation: we believe that methodological innovation, accompanied with cross-methods dialogue, contributes to the further consolidation of scientific disciplines and to their contribution to addressing real-world issues

5. Cross-disciplinary fertilization: we encourage methodological debates across scientific disciplines

6. Training accessibility: methodological education and methods training must be offered at an affordable cost, so that they are accessible to participants from diverse settings

7. Career development: methodological education and methods training bring a distinctive contribution to professional skill-building and career building in academia and in diverse sectors

8. Lifelong learning: upgrading one’s methodological knowledge and methods skills is worthwhile all along one’s career

9. Methods training importance: besides self-learning and ‘learning by doing’, following formal methodological education and methods training is important to be able to exploit the full potential of a given method

10. Ethical standards and fundamental rights: we support scholarly ethical standards, data protection good practices, and compliance with fundamental human rights and with principles of non-discrimination, equity and inclusiveness (see also: our code of conduct)