Our Story


Methods matter! Welcome to MethodsNET – your premier destination for cutting-edge methods training and interdisciplinary collaboration in the dynamic realm of human sciences.

At MethodsNET, we understand the pivotal role that methods play in shaping robust research and analysis across various disciplines, from social sciences to behavioral sciences, health studies, and beyond. Our platform is dedicated to breaking down disciplinary barriers and fostering a culture of methodological pluralism and innovation.

As you navigate through our website’s “About Us” section, you’ll discover our unwavering commitment to addressing the diverse needs of human science doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers worldwide. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your methodological toolkit, engage in interdisciplinary dialogue, or contribute to the advancement of knowledge and societal impact, MethodsNET is here to support you every step of the way.

Our mission is threefold: 1) to provide global access to cutting-edge research methods training, 2) to facilitate methods development and innovation, and 3) to promote pluralism in research methodologies. Through a curated selection of courses, resources, and collaborative opportunities, we empower researchers at all stages of their careers to push the boundaries of traditional methodologies and embark on transformative research journeys.

Join us in our quest to further develop research methodologies, bridge disciplinary divides, innovate and unlock new frontiers of knowledge. Together, we can shape the future of human sciences and drive positive change in our increasingly complex world. Welcome to MethodsNET – where methods matter, and possibilities are limitless.

  • Our Disciplines

    At MethodsNET, we define human sciences as encompassing disciplines that delve into the social, behavioral, biological, cultural, and philosophical dimensions of human life. Our curated selection of methodological schools, courses and other training activities and resources is designed to cater to the diverse interests and pursuits of doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers across these multiple disciplines. The main clusters are (A-Z by disciplines in every cluster):

    • Social Sciences

      Anthropology, business/management/organization, communication/media studies, criminology/sociolegal studies, demography/population studies, economics, political science, sociology

    • Natural Science-related

      Evolutionary biology, geography, human ecology, land use research.

    • Behavioral Sciences

      Education, pedagogy, psychology (including diverse subdisciplines).

    • Computational Science-related

      Applied statistics, data science, information science, information systems, logic, network science.

    • Health-related

      Biostatistics, epidemiology, public health/health systems/services research, health and society research.

    • Other & Interdisciplinary

      Area studies, development studies, environmental studies, gender/women/feminist/queer studies, history, law/legal studies, linguistics, migration studies, urban studies.

  • Mission & Vision

    MethodsNET pursues three overarching goals to globally contribute to the further development of research methodologies, and to their cutting-edge and impactful application, across human sciences:


    We believe that world-class methodological education should be accessible to all across human sciences.  Through our Schools, Online Trainings, the Africa Methods Excellence Initiative, MethodsNET Academy, and endorsed events, we provide unparalleled opportunities for researchers and professionals to enhance their methodological skills and knowledge.


    Diversity fuels innovation. We are committed to fostering dialogue and innovation across methodologies in the human sciences. Our Methods Schools, Conference, Research Methods Teaching Community of Practice events, and Methods Development and Innovation Workshops serve as catalysts for cross-disciplinary collaboration and methodological advancement.


    We’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of research methodologies or seeking methodological support, MethodsNET offers a range of resources and services. From Community Tools to services for Partner Institutions, Consolidation Workshops, and Practitioners’ Workshops, we’re dedicated to empowering the scholarly community and professionals alike.

    At MethodsNET, we're more than just a network - we're a global community united by a shared passion for research methods. Whether you're in academia, business, government, or civil society, our inclusive conversation and innovation space provides the platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

    Executive Board

    The MethodsNET Executive Board (EB) discusses, decides upon and ensures the implementation of strategic decisions, coordinates daily operations and communicates on behalf of MethodsNET.



    MethodsNET was first launched in September 2021 by four Academic Coordinators: Derek Beach, Levi Littvay, Benoît Rihoux, and Cai Wilkinson. Born from their extensive experience in organizing European methods training events and for teaching methods around the globe, MethodsNET quickly gained momentum, attracting over 200 founding members from around the world, united by their passion for advancing research methodologies.

    Operating initially as a voluntary global network, MethodsNET soon evolved into a Belgium-based nonprofit organization, dedicated to three main pillars of activity: hosting an annual Summer School, endorsing methods training events, and disseminating validated research methods-related information.

    The success of the first two editions of its Summer School, held at Radboud University Nijmegen, underscored the growing demand for comprehensive methods training. With nearly 400 participants each year, MethodsNET began to realize its potential to meet the diverse needs of methods experts, users, and institutional representatives.

    Driven by a commitment to excellence, MethodsNET embarked on a strategic journey to scale up its operations and establish itself as a global membership-based association. This transformative journey culminates in our public call for individual members and partner institutions, alongside the launch of our full website in February 2024.

    Join us as we usher in a new era of methods excellence. Be part of our three inaugural Launch Events in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, from October 30th to November 2nd, 2024. Welcome to MethodsNET – where innovation meets collaboration, and possibilities are limitless.